Press Release

Date 26 April 2021

It is to announce that “Komon Smarttrade Private Limited” a Technology Venture specializing in Indian Stock Trading Algorithm System using AI and Machine Learning technology is launched as a Joint Venture between Savant Solutions of India and Keitaiichiba Inc of Japan.

The Trading Algorithms (Strategies) will be made available to users and corporate clients for Daily Trading (Day-Trade) based on Investment Strategies devised by our financial experts with over close to 25+ years in managing Stocks for various clients as benchmark.

Komon Smarttrade has tied up with Kotak Securities (one of the largest Securities Company in India) for trading data from NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) to collaborate with our trading strategies to provide maximum returns to our clients.

Most Algorithms in India use Application Programming Interfaces (API) that allow investors to select their strategy, program their requirements and then execute the same from the broker’s end. Algorithm trades help investors trade efficiently by identifying trading opportunities early on, thereby providing a first mover advantage. They also enhance the overall liquidity of the stock market.

In a short span of 10 years running up to the year 2020, Algorithmic trading in India across the cash and derivatives market as a percentage of total turnover has increased up to almost 50% from merely 9.26% (average) in 2010. In March 2018, 44.8% of the cash market volume and 48.2% of the equity derivatives market was driven by algos, showed NSE data. Another interesting fact is that the daily turnover of equity market in India is around INR 250 billion to INR 300 billion, and in the Futures and Options market, it is around INR 3.5 trillion to INR 4 trillion on a daily basis.

Propelled by rising smartphone penetration (over 550 millionas of 2020) and increased reach of internet connectivity (around 760 million as of August 2020), Algo trading market offers huge opportunity for Algo trading solutions provider.
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As a special feature, we have combined study of fundamentals of the stock with price movement trends to develop our proprietary tools, which suggest actionable points. We have run several tests with multiyear Trading Data as well as rigorous study on working algorithm strategies and enhanced strategies with AI and Machine Learning based system to bring best in class product to our clients and customers.
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We have done cumulative tests with over last 20 years of Trading Data and Stocks as well as our core founding members did 2 years of rigorous study on working out algorithm strategies and it has been finally converged with AI and Machine Learning based system to bring to our clients and customers.

Komon Smarttrade Private Limited

CEO : Sharad Gorawara
Director : Saurabh Srivastava
Director : Awazu Hamakazu
Address : Allied House, Plot no. 5 and 6, Shopping complex, B-7, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070, India

Savant Solutions

Managing Partner : Saurabh Srivastava
Practice Head : Sharad Gorawara
Practice Head : Durgesh Satyam
Address : Allied House, Plot no. 5 and 6, Shopping complex, B-7, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070, India