Welcome to Savant Solutions

Savant Solutions is a multidisciplinary, multitasking, highly professional consulting firm which acts as a one stop solution center. We work for organizations seeking help in either starting a new venture or assessing their current programs for steering them more effectively aiming on higher ROI as well as on impact benefitting the society at large. We are a group of thorough professionals where each one excels in their own domain of work be it corporate clientele or a social sector organization. Our prime objective is to provide customized services based on the need of the client and give them strategic guidance and solutions which are practical enough to implement on ground and ensure scalability and sustainability.

Core Value

  • integrity


    An expression of courage and accountability. Integrity, to us, means distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing.

  • commitment


    We measure our success by our clients’ success. We make all of our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success.

  • diversity


    Belief that every individual can contribute towards better society if given freedom to expression and action. We support Diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background to foster creative tension for generating new ideas emerge.



    We care for our clients' business as our business. We think and act like business partners. We share our clients' aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives.



    We represent our capabilities honestly. We observe appropriate confidentiality of client information.

Message from MD

Savant Solutions was formed in 2012 with a purpose of becoming most preferred Consulting Company and Strategic Partner for our clients in areas of our strength and expertise. We aim to contribute towards enhancing our clients' corporate value and deliver results through innovation. We take advantage of our extensive international business experience, our global network and experts' experience in diverse domains for delivering cost effective, comprehensive, and feasible and best fit strategic solutions for every need of client. Our passion for delivering the delight every time by going extra mile differentiates us from others. We wish, with support of our clients, to positively impact the way business is done and create value for the society. Thank you.

Core Team

  • Saurabh Srivastava

    Saurabh Srivastava

    Managing Partner

    Saurabh is Managing Partner and CEO of Savant Solutions. He is based in Delhi NCR from where he leads the firm and our ground-breaking work in strategy and leadership.

    Saurabh brings over a decade of international experience in industry and consulting. Before joining Savant Solutions, he worked with leading global companies in Tokyo and India on their top strategic issues. Saurabh forms the core group of the strategy team of various international clients for his pragmatic and straight forward approach to bring out granular strategic solutions.

    Saurabh's advice has been sought by many Fortune 500 companies and leading family-owned businesses.

  • Sharad Gorawara

    Sharad Gorawara

    Practice Head – Advisory Services

    Sharad is a finance professional with over 24 years of experience post MBA (Finance) from IMT Ghaziabad. He has worked as the Regional Head with a leading NBFC and has a rich experience of working in a regulatory role with the Stock Exchange. He even has the entrepreneurial feather in his cap, having been one before moving on.

    He Heads the Advisory Services at Savant, helping local start-ups attain size and work globally, while working with foreign companies to introduce them in India and work through their owned entities, in joint ventures or through distribution channels.

    He has worked with multiple start-ups: helping them with Capital structuring, Fund raising, Regulatory reporting, Strategic tie-ups & Alliances and helping them scale up.

    He is currently working with, among others, a leading Asian technology start-up company on a project to roll out its services in India and the Middle East.

  • Sameer Chowdhery

    Sameer Chowdhery

    Practice Head - Overseas Business

    Sameer has been based in Japan for 22 yrs. He has been actively working with Startup eco-systems of Japan, India, UAE, Singapore, France for last 10 yrs.

    With strong IT background and keenness to adopt future innovations, Sameer has worked closely with varied portfolios of Global companies and upcoming Startups/Ventures. He has been instrumental in mentoring/supporting ventures and startups in fund raising, scaling up and selling products in the market.

  • Durgesh Satyam

    Durgesh Satyam

    Practice Head - IT enabled Services

    Durgesh is an IT expert with expertise in Startup products, Automations, and E-Commerce websites and Apps. He has provided his IT consultancy to many projects in the Government of India, Government of Madhya Pradesh and to clients of the USA and Japan.

    He has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence & scalable Web Technology and has developed solutions that can reform lives using these technologies for his clients. He has also received Distinction award for his outstanding academic performance.

    Durgesh has himself worked with many startups and currently, he is also working in his tech startup, Apicon Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which automates the Business Processes for Companies.

    At Savant Solutions Durgesh brings years of his IT consulting experience with startups and companies to develop and deploy a reliable, secure, and scalable solution.

Strategic Advisor & Mentor

Ms. Hiromi Okuda

Ms. Hiromi Okuda

She received her Master’s degree in Social Welfare from University of Bombay. She specializes in IT Conferences and Startup events in Japan and abroad. Established Wiz. Group, Inc. in 2001 and started organizing major IT Conferences in Japan.

She has also written books for Social Welfare and Self Improvements. Published on Nikkei Business Publications, Sogo Horei Publishing. Co., Ltd and PHP Publications.

Sachin Chowdhery

Sachin Chowdhery

Sachin is a Managing Director and Chairman of AVS Co., Ltd., a company providing management consulting services, lectures, and seminars for companies and individuals. He is also MD and President of ITTR Co., Ltd., a company aiming to revitalize Tottori prefecture. Sachin has experience in managing multiple companies, including listed ones, and managing venture capital investments.

He has supervised management and strategies for various culture companies, including Panasonic, Accenture, Nissan, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi Electric. Sachin has written several books and appeared on TV shows.

His key Investments include: My Honey Co., Ltd./ My Natura, Co., Ltd./ Baby's Island Inc., Mangamo Co., Ltd./ Junjee Co., Ltd. and Komon Smarttrade Pvt. Ltd.

New Business Advisor, Evangelist & Mentoring

Demura Ichiro

Demura Ichiro

Demura Ichiro began his professional journey as an event manager at the Kanazawa Fashion Building. Alongside, he hosted a popular program on TBS TV (Hokuriku Broadcasting).

In his 30s, Demura joined the Prudential Life Insurance (Kanazawa office) as a sales representative. His exceptional performance earned him the prestigious MDRT award, recognizing him as one of the world's top salesmen. This achievement took him to global stages in Dallas, Toronto, and Anaheim, sparking a pivotal change in his mindset towards international ventures.

During his 40s, Demura ventured into the IT industry by launching a startup in Kobe with a capital of USD 3 million. Despite initial hardships, including selling his family home, he persevered. His resilience paid off when he pioneered a leading video on demand service model, nearly taking the company public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In his 50s, Demura shifted his focus towards nurturing the next generation of top salesmen. He founded a venture dedicated to personal training for sales professionals, impacting over 10,000 salesmen from multinational life insurance companies across Japan.

Demura Ichiro’s knowhow on how to achieve sales results as per his previous practical experiences will help all salesmen/saleswomen to use his knowledge from Japan as a new sales tool/formula, but also as a communication tool to achieve even small results. Demura Ichiro wants to share his experience to make you the best salesman/saleswomen in your field of work. Hope you will make effective use of the new knowledge in your business and in your life.

Sameer Chowdhery

Sameer Chowdhery

Sameer is a distinguished seminar expert with extensive experience in delivering lectures to Startups, Universities, and Corporate Houses. He specializes in training on overseas business setup and India business strategies. Based in Japan for the past 23 years, Sameer has built deep connections with Startup ecosystems in Japan, India, USA, France, Germany, UK, UAE, and Singapore over the last decade.


  • Setting up Startup/Venture from Zero:
    • - How to setup from scratch
    • - How to get VC & investment
    • - How to take to IPO and M&A
  • Setting up Business (already existing/new branch) from scratch in India, Singapore, Middle-East (UAE), USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan:
    • - Business matching meetups done abroad
    • - Tailored business trips abroad for new market learning experience
  • International Market Strategies:
    • - Tailored advice on entering and scaling in the Foreign (Global) market
    • - Specialized training on global market entry, contract making, team management, accounting, valuation for Startups/Ventures
  • Import-Export Strategies:
    • - How to conduct Import-Export from Japan to Global Market
    • - Specialized training on managing documents for shipping/airway bills
    • - How to get logistics managed by Shipping Companies and FedEx, DHL, UPS
    • - How to apply/advice to get CA, FCC, BIS, Middle-East certifications
    • - How to get product into the market and get to the customer
  • Seminars and Training:
    • - Extensive lectures delivered to universities and corporate houses
    • - Workshops and training programs on overseas business strategies


  • Mentoring & Scaling Startups:
    • - Instrumental in mentoring and supporting Ventures and Startups in fundraising, scaling up, and selling products
    • - Active involvement in the Startup ecosystems of Japan, India, UAE, Singapore, and France
  • Technology and Innovation Focus:
    • - Strong IT background (Java, Oracle, ERP, CRM, SaaS, e-Commerce, Payment Gateway, Project Management, Insurance, Smartphone Apps) with a keen interest in future innovations
    • - Worked closely with a varied portfolio of global companies and emerging Startups, ensuring success through strategic planning and mentorship
  • Contribution to Startup Ecosystem:
    • - Building bridges between international markets and local Startup ecosystems (SXSW(USA), Gitex (UAE), Sido (France), Arm (UK), VivaTech (France), Slush Asia (Japan), GISEC (UAE))
    • - Sharing insights from years of global experience with up-and-coming entrepreneurs
    • - Setting up logistics and product selling through marketplace/major Department Stores
    • - Supporting ecosystem players with VC support and scaling their businesses

With a comprehensive understanding of international markets and startups, Sameer is a sought-after speaker for seminars, workshops, and corporate training sessions focused on overseas business and market strategies.


Dr. Seiichiro Yonekura

Dr. Seiichiro Yonekura

Professor of Graduate School of Innovation Management.
Hosei University
Professor Emeritus of Institute of Innovation Research
Hitotsubashi University
Academic Advisor, Centre for Japanese Studies, University of Pretoria

Seiichiro Yonekura is Professor and Program Director of Graduate School of Innovation Management, Hosei University (2017~) and Professor Emeritus of Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University (1982~).

He received his B.A.s (in both Social Studies and Economics) and M.A. (Social Studies) from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and Ph.D from Harvard University in the United States. He is also Dean of Nippon Genki Juku, a lifetime education program at Academyhills in Roppongi and Chief Editor of Hitotsubashi Business Review, one of the most prestigious business magazines in Japan.

His current research interests are on a historical development of innovation and entrepreneurship in a global business context and a social business and social entrepreneurship in the BOP (base of pyramid) market. He is a prolific author of numerous titles on a wide range of subjects such as The Japanese Iron and Steel Industry 1880-1990: Continuity and Discontinuity (Macmillan, 1994), Structure of Business Revolution (Iwanami, 1999), Emergent Destruction : Innovation for Good Future (Mishima-sha, 2011), Management of Open Innovation (Yuhikaku, 2015), The Power of Parallel Career: A Future Work Style (Kodansha, 2015), The Creative Response: the Entrepreneurial History of Modern Japan (Toyo Keizai, 2017), Konosuke Matsushita, Biography, (Minerva, 2018). He loves golf and rock’n roll.

Jaya Singh

Jaya Singh

Jaya is a development professional with about 2 decades of experience. She has worked with both national and international organizations working on the rights of underprivileged.

She is a panelist with many electronic media channels and is a known voice in the sector. She has written articles for magazines of repute and for many social newsletters.

She has a vast knowledge on issues of Health, Education, Protection, Women Empowerment, Gender, Nutrition and related fields.

Currently Jaya serves as member of Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.